Hello World

Hi out there.  This is my first attempt at a post on my new blog.   I have been knitting since I was 7 years old, for over 40 years.  My mother was left handed and of German descent.  She taught me a very unique way of knitting continental, as I am right-handed.   Admittedly, I can knit VERY fast both knit and purl, but have not been successful in teaching my technique to anyone else.  I have always loved knitting, I even had a business in Jr. High and High School, knitting Barbie doll clothes and selling them in a crafts store.  In college, I had one friend who knew how to knit, and while my kids were growing up I took my knitting everywhere.   For many years, both of my kids figure skated, and I would always have my knitting for the long hours at the rink.  I can remember little kids being fascinated with my knitting, and I would always try to show them.  Usually when the mother saw me knitting and talking to her kids, she pulled them away very quickly (I don’t know if she thought my needles were dangerous), and made some snide comment about not having seen that since her grandmother.  Fast forward 10 years, and knitting is hip, and now the comments are very different that I get, usually wanting to share a love of their new hobby.  I love the new-found camaraderie and most of all all of the books and yarn stores.  Hence, a long introduction to explain my blog name.  “Knitting before Knitting was Cool”

My favorite thing to knit is socks, socks, and more socks.  It keeps me busy to keep my Hubby and 2 kids knit up, plus the occasional presents.  Here is a photo of my hand-knit socks drying outside.  My daughter thought that I was so weird to have this on my camera when she was looking at the pictures.  (She hasn’t realized how cool knitting is yet).

 Sock Laundry  

I also love a new challenge whether it be a sweater or socks.   My closet is so full of past sweaters that socks seem  more practical right now.

 Thanks for reading.