Socks that Rock

Here are 2 photos of the Socks that Rock February socks. It took me awhile to get this blog up to be able to post them. I did not really care for the color, the purple hue is really grey, to me they look camouflage. The pattern was for a reversible sock, so I made them similar, but changed the cables to be at the side only (lots of people were having trouble with the tightness). And I finished off in a 1×1 rib, with a tubular cast-off, which looks great no matter what side is out. The photo of 2 socks, shows them from both inside and outside. I made these up for my son, and had only about 4 yards of material left. I found the garter stitch toe/heel to be interesting. The pattern itself did not do much for me. Hoping for brighter colors this month.

str1.jpg str2.jpg