Argyle socks 

Last fall I was looking for a new knitting challenge, and decided to try and make argyle socks with someone in my SnB group.  I saved the progress photos, for the time when I would get this website up and running.  I really enjoyed making them, although they involved having ultimate concentration.   The spare threads could easily become unwieldy.  I used bread ties to hold the ends in place, and wove them in periodically, as even that got very cumbersome.  The second sock went much quicker than the first.  When I was making them, my comment to my husband was that women must have really loved their guys to make them these socks.  I gave them to him for xmas, and he loves them—even has shown them off at work.  I would like to make myself a pair in a really bright color, but first to finish some other items.


I am currently working on a sweater for my 16 year old son, a bottom up pull-over Fair Isle sweater Ala Elizabeth Zimmerman.  Over the weekend, my son designed the first patterns to put on the top, we are going to try it on tonite and see if it fits.

I also have 4 beautiful sweaters that have been knit up for ages, but sitting waiting to be sewn up.  I guess that I am a process knitter, in that I like a new skill.  One of them is a beautiful blue Bohus cardigan.  Maybe this site will help me to motivate myself to finish them up.  I guess that is what I love about socks, when you are done knitting, you are pretty much done.

I woke up this morning to snow on the ground.  The weather is playing havoc with my daffodils, tulips, and magnolia tree.  I am ready for spring.