In progress

I am currently trying to finish up one large project and a simple pair of socks.  The socks are knit using TOFUtsies yarn (yes, made from Soy, along with some wool, cotton and Chitin—shellfish).  The yarn is incredibly light and soft.  I didn’t do any elaborate patterns here, just a straight 2×2 ribbing.  I think that they will make great summer socks.  I did substitute JaWoll for the heels and toes, as I liked the contrast, and thought that it would wear better.


My other project shown here is a Fair Isle pull-over for my son.  He helped to do some of the designing, but I forgot to tell him only 2 colors in any row, so some of the pattern got a bit tricky to work with.  I am using Rovings from Canada, a Polwarth wool.  Very nice and soft yarn, and great people—when I realized I was running short, they were there to help.  I purchased this last year at Stitches Midwest, and am aiming to have all of my purchases from Stitches completed before going there again this year.  I started at the bottom, and did a tubular cast-on, with some simple patterns just above the ribbing.  Then lots and lots of plain knitting (my son is 6′-2″ and growing).

graph.jpg                              fair-isle.jpg

 It took me awhile to get these photos uploaded.  I think that I learn how to do something on the computer, and can’t recall it a few days later.