Socks that Rock – April

I finally started my Socks that Rock April shipment. At first I thought the color was nice, it has silk with the wool, and the silk took the colors much lighter. When it is knit up, you do not notice the variations in the plys and the colors are gorgeous. It is also very soft with the silk. I am making the pattern that came with the yarn, it is a toe up sock. The second for the club this year. I must say that I am not a fan of toe-up socks. I just do not like the way that the heels and gussets work, and I find the length much easier to figure out with top down. It is nice if you are unsure of yardage, but I can always accept different colored toes. The lace pattern (socks are called Grasshoppers), is not my favorite. Hope to turn the heel tonite, and I will have a better idea of the fit.