June Socks that Rock

My June STR yarn came in. I think that I like this one the best. The colors are definitely me, and the weigh of the yarn is thinner, much like what I like to knit with. The pattern once again is uninspiring, but I will try to knit it up. I have not even wound up the skein yet. We have guests coming form Australia to stay with us for a week, my dear friend Mark and his family. So, I have been busy getting the house into order. I had contractors here until yesterday working on the downstairs bathroom, outside siding repair, paint scraping, and landscaping. We put in a rain garden. The plants are all native species, and are drought tolerant. The downspout is diverted to a depression that is surrounded by these plants. They love the rain, but are tolerant of the dry summers. Next year will be the front of the house.

Here is my unwound yarn. Perhaps I can get it wound up before they get here, so I have a project to work on.