New Years Resolution

Franklin sweater

I asked my buddy Mrs. Peterson to give me a New Years Resolution, and being the wise person that she is, she declined. Well, I thought of my own and they involve 3 4 major things: 1: Focusing on my real work and getting that going better; 2: sewing together all of the projects that I have worked on and finished, but never sewed up; 3: writing in this blog at least once a week; 4: Exercise. I just joined Ralvelry and that is helping me to post projects, so I will work on both simultaneously.

My goal last year was to knit only for others, and I did it. I completed 1 pair of socks for a sick friend, a sweater for my son, a sock monkey for my daughter, a sweater for a dear friend’s child, a sweater for a neighbor child, and about 10 pairs of socks which are planned for the big January sock give-away. I also completed 2 shawls that have been languishing, and need to find a proper home for those also.

Above is a photo of the Franklin sweater that I finished to give for xmas.