New Project, what to do?!!

Strict sweater kitI’ve been in bed sick for the past few days.  I have been very good at finishing up past projects.  The only ones left require some sewing, no knitting.  So…. I get to start a brand new project.  I have decided to start the Candice Strict sweater kit that I bought at Stitches Midwest 2007.  The colors are beautiful, and it is knit with 3 strands at a time, and changes colors gracefully over the sweater.  A lot of ball winding.  My other choice was the Philosophers wool sweater kit that I bought at Stitches 2003.  That is a bit embarrassing that it is still lingering.  I will promise that one next.

I finished my son’s flap ear hat last night, here is the almost done photo.dscn3115.jpg