Sonatina in progress

sonatina sweater in progressI’ve been working on the Candice Strict sweater, and have the sides and back almost complete.  I am not loving it as much as I did when I bought the yarn.  That however, seems to be a pattern for me, and explains why I knit things up and then do not finish them.  I guess that I would be called a process knitter.  The gradation of color is wonderful, and I want to explore this concept further.  I saw a great fair isle sweater on Ravelry that I loved where there was a reverse gradation of background and accent colors.   I am hoping to finish this in a week or so, there are a lot of stitches in this sweater.   Just to the underarm is 120 rows at 296 stitches—35,520 stitches.  No wonder it is taking me longer.