Ravelry and Socks that Rock

I signed up for the 2008 STR even though I was less than satisfied with 2007. I was thinking that it had the potential to be an on-line community and maybe I would get more out of it this time around. This was before I started posting and cruising the Ravelry website. I am totally addicted, and don’t even care about the STR website at all. Haven’t checked it once. Through Ravelry I am finding much more interesting patterns, and loads of new ideas. And I don’t feel obliged to knit something that I am not wild about. There are several groups that can provide that same knit along experience. I wish that I had explored it more thoroughly before sending my monies off to STR. Not even sure if I am going to knit up the patterns that they send, or just save the yarn. I really only liked one pattern from last year, they were mostly geared at beginning knitters. I would also prefer to pick my own colors thank you.

On Ravelry I have already tagged several new projects, and ordered some Kauni yarn to make one of them. I am very excited to start, just waiting on some new fair-isle books that I ordered to come in the mail, and I will work out a pattern. Also I am very excited to start the Viking boat sweater, I think that I will have to order up the yarn for that also.

On another note, I just have the bottom band to work on for the Bohus sweater. The Sonatina is put away until I can face it again. I already have a recipient in mind. A VERY expensive mistake….. Check gauge early and often.