My husband loves my stash!

I have an antique dining room hutch in the basement with upper glass doors and drawers below.   I have had the upper glass portion filled with yarn stash for quite some time, and a few weeks ago, I consolidated all of my yarn into the drawers also.  I have all of the baby yarn and sock yarn together in the upper part.  It makes it really easy to plan those small projects.  Also miscellaneous other yarns are there (some I need to sell/exchange).  All of the unfinished projects and sweater kits/packs are in the drawers.  It has helped me to finish up some of those long languishing projects.

Last year, I went to see the Yarn Harlot and purchased her newest book Casts Off (my least favorite so far – although she was entertaining to listen to).  Anyways, that book sat at my bedside, and little did I know that my husband was glancing through it.  It was then that he discovered what stash was.  I was nervous, tried to explain that I had a plan for all of it, how he got all these great socks every year, many presents were in there, I didn’t plan on buying more yarn, and on and on.  He laughed and told me that it didn’t really bother him, he liked my knitting.

Well, last weekend, I was looking through my stash to find some yarn to make the Selbu mittens.  As I was laying it out, he told me that he loved my stash!  What a guy!

I am not sure if he has seen my knitting book collection lately.