My yarn pimp

My yarn pimp enabler (who shall remain anonymous, known here simply as L) and another yarnie (A) went with me to a sale that I had not heard about previously. The Knitting Workshop in Chicago is moving at the end of the month, and having a great sale. All yarn is at least 40% off and much of it is more, up to 75%. I went along with these friends simply to get out of the house, a very stressful past few days at home and I needed some fun. I wasn’t really planning on buying much, but….. They have an enormous selection of yarn. The sale just started on Saturday, so it was not too picked over. Much to my glee, I found Peer Gunt and was able to get enough of it to do my Viking Boat Sweater that I had seen on Ravelry. I chose a light blue for the background, and a royal blue for the accent color work. I am so excited to start this tonite. I also couldn’t resist some very cheap Baby Blatt, sock yarns, and enough wool for another sweater with Peer Gunt. Oh ya, and the cashmere fingering weight in a beautiful hand dyed blue for a Faroese shawl.

I am happy that I found a local store that will be carrying the yarns needed for Fair Isle, including Jameson. They also said that their focus will be away from the novelty yarns.  Yeah!! I will just have to drive a bit further. I love doing fair isle, but unless you purchase a kit, or follow the colors exactly, it is very difficult to order the yarn online. I really need to see skeins next to each other. L and A had a great time also and bought some yarns for wonderful projects. Now I need to stay away form yarn stores and Stitches for this year.

My previous blog has been answered. And the staff was so incredibly nice in the midst of yarn in chaos.