I must be feeling a bit guilty about my yarn purchases the other day (even though it was a great deal, and some of the exact yarn that I had been looking for).

My first dream was that night, I was walking in a city with my yarn (I think that L & A might have been with me), and I kept walking past Orange FEMA trailers that had been inserted into empty lots between buildings. That was it, my friend said that perhaps my thought was that buying all that yarn would lead to a disaster. If that were the case, wouldn’t it be awhile before FEMA was there…..

My dream last night was about Dale of Norway patterns. A few weeks ago Manning told me about a Dale pattern book that had sold on ebay for $500. She asked if I had it, and I said no until I read the thread on last night Ravelry, looked at the patterns in the book and realized that one of them was one that I had knitted up and posted on Ravelry!!! So, I had to go to my library, and find the pattern. I can’t really see the big buzz about it, but I really like the bear sweater that was knit up in light blue by a Ravelry memeber. Might just have to do that…. Which brings me to my ongoing problem of who carries Dale Helio in the Chicago area. Haven’t found a source yet, I don’t like to order for colorwork yarn online.

I did tell my husband that my knitting books, etc were worth quite a bit of money, and to remember that.   He asked if I purchased books that I already own.  I have a bad habit of doing that with Architecture books.  I said yes, but Manning was the lucky recipient of that.  Who would have thunk that a simple knitting book would one day become so craved.