Well, my Norwegian Viking boat sweater is coming along nicely. I finished the body, and am most of the way done with an arm. I am a bit concerned about getting all of the increases, and may have to rip the arm most of the way back. To do this sweater, I had to translate with a Norwegian-English knitting chart, and a Norwegian-English knitting dictionary. This was quite the mind-bender, and I ended up with some pretty interesting sentences during my direct translation. Here is an arm example:

  • Arm pattern according to diagram and see until that central stitch during diagram and see until that arm pattern according to small diagram be going to center in arm

Luckily, having knit quite a bit, I am able to put that into sensible language. And fortunately, it was mostly chart driven or I would have been in serious trouble.

Spring seems to be trying to rear it’s lovely face. This inspired me yesterday to start the cleaning of my office, and moving my computer around. It feels so wonderful, and much more fun to write and post. Maybe this will keep me on task. Today is a bit of a dreary day though. Right now I am not teaching, and Ethan is in school and sports all day. This gives me a hint of what my life will be like next year. Still debating whether to find full-time work, or just keep piecing things together. I like the flexibility, being with Lloyd (the poodle) and napping when I am tired. I’ll have to see what the fall brings.