Blog Stats

I am admittedly not a computer literate person. I just yesterday found the link to let me see how many people have read my blog. I thought that it was only Manning, I kind of felt like at times it was a personal dialog to her. Much to my surprise, there have been hundreds of hits on my blog. Not sure if people are reading or not, but I was sure surprised. Makes me want to continue writing even more.

On another statistical note, I have one sweater, the intertwined cables that I finally finished this winter, that has almost 100 hits on Ravelry for looking at! Now I know that some people have thousands on their projects, but I was just so excited to see that. I don’t think that I have ever had a project that has had 100 people look at it ever. Thanks Ravelry!

Almost finished with the 1st sleeve of the Viking Boat sweater. I have this fear that it is going to be tight, even though I swatched, and measured, and remeasured. Oh well, I will just continue on. I am looking at planning my next big project already, and yes finishing some more old ones. I was debating either the Kauni sweater, or doing the Dale of Norway Polar Bear sweater. Thinking, thinking…

It is a beautiful day here. Warmest day thus far this year. My landscaper has been here the past 3 days, putting in a rain garden at the front of the house, which also involved expanding the walkway to the north side of the steps for a small patio to sit on in the summer at the front. It looks so much better already, and the plants are not even in the ground. We put a rain garden in last year in the back yard, and that is starting to grow back in. I am very anxious to see how that will fill in. For the uninitiated, the rain garden is a depression in the ground to where you direct the flow from the downspouts from the roof, and plant native plants that can both handle the heavy rains, and are drought tolerant. The technical term is Xeriscaping. I am interested in the not watering aspect, and the low maintenance issue. It is also suppose to attract more birds and butterflies. I am looking to get our yard certified as a monarch butterfly way-station.  This concept also is environmentally friendly, as the storm water goes back into the ground instead of being sent to the sewer treatment plant.  We also live in an older community that has combined sewer and storm water.  It has been a problem for us in the past, and this should alleviate those issues.

Rain Garden