Thrill of the chase

I have been watching eBay more closely the past couple of months for knitting books, patterns and yarn that I am interested in. It has been very interesting, as a lot of the items go for more on eBay than online merchants. A case in point are a couple of Dale of Norway pattern books that have been listed, and can easily still be found online for the original purchase price. I have seen them go for double, as the seller advertises them as “out of print”. Another time, I saw a lot of Dale of Norway Helio (60 skeins!) and I thought it would be perfect for 2 sweaters that I planned for my husband and myself. That would have left a bit over for socks, hats, etc. Well, the lot went for a price that the yarn could have easily been found on sale, and for more that me purchasing that yarn at retail for the 2 sweaters. Not quite sure what people are thinking. I my self have made a couple of purchasing errors, not reading carefully.

It is a beautiful day today. I am hanging clothes out to dry, and trying to put the house back in order. Here is a photo of my hand knit socks that I took a couple of summers ago. I had washed them all, and they were hanging out to dry. I was so impressed with myself and all of the work that the clothesline represented. My daughter thought I was a bit weird to take this photo.