Prom and socks

It has been a very busy week here. Our house is going to be on a house walk in June featuring small homes (we live in a 1913 Arts & Crafts Bungalow). Ethan graduates from high school in June, and we have his party. We actually leave for Iowa in the morning to see Sofia graduate from college. Hard to believe that the two of them are so grown up. With all of this, work is busy and I am trying to finish up projects. We are also having a lot of work done on the house. First the rain garden, then new oak stairs to the basement. Now we are having the back fence fixed (never a wooden fence again, the back and sides are falling down after too much investment in them), and recreating the paneling in the DR and columns that are between the DR and LR. The original columns were in the attic, and we are having them recreated as they needed a bit of work. I will order light fixtures and have glass shades made to put on them. Should really bring back the old glory of the house, thank goodness they did not tear out the built-in china cabinet.

Prom was tonite, and Ethan was very handsome. Ethan and Kristen

In spite of all this, I did get some knitting done, finished the STR March socks. The heel was a new technique that I had not tried, so that was interesting. I made them a bit small for my feet in order to give them away. They are good house socks, wouldn’t fit in a shoe. It is a bit frustrating that they barely give you enough yarn to do socks unless you are a small size, or have very short calf portion. I think that they should up the yardage on their yarn a bit.

March 2008 STR