A better W&T 

Well, I am making another pair of the languishing STR socks. The ones titled “Serendipity”, not sure that is an appropriate name for them. I am trying to look at these projects with an open mind, but having difficulty. I paid a LOT of money for the sock club. I was expecting good design. What I have gotten with one exception, is mediocre patterns, beautifully dyed yarns, and sometimes in weights/yarns I would not use. I thought that this would be a good opening to new ideas. Wish that I had saved my money for good yarn to knit all of CookieA’s socks.

This pattern has a short row heel, not a design type that I am fond of. I knit the heel the first time following the W&T instructions of putting the yarn to the back, wrap and turn the next stitch. Well, one side was very tight and one side very loose and awkward looking. I took a photo, but couldn’t get it into focus well for the camera, but it shows the sloppy heel. I pulled it all out and now have instructions that should be given for a short row W&T heel:

Here are my instructions for the W&T to eleviate the gaps and sloppiness on the heels.

  • Knit or Purl to the stitch to be wrapped. Keep yarn in the front or back as you had it for the row you just worked on
  • Slip the next stitch as if to purl
  • Turn and put the yarn between the 2 needles (front to back if you were just knitting a row; back to front if you were just purling a row)
  • Slip the next stitch as if to purl
  • Continue the row either knitting or purling the next row as established. Be sure to tighten up the first stitch of the row to allow the wrap on the next row to be tight. This gives the same tight loop in either direction.

The other problem with this pattern is that a gap appears when you start the body of the sock again. I had to go back and knit the stitch at each gap with the 2 wrapped stitches below, and it was a nice neat transition. I think that the lace pattern is weak at best. The heel extends 3 stitches into the lace area. And, can I complain more… the pattern is written as if you were working on circular needles. If written for 5 double points, it would have been so much easier to understand. No wonder people have such a hard time with the patterns in this club.

I hadn’t posted in a few days, as my son decided to “upgrade” all of my photos to Adobe Photoshop. While in the long run I think that it will be better, I was at a loss on how to work with my photo collection. I sat fiddling with the program for a few days. I think that I am getting the hang of it now.