Graduation & socks

Well, I have to give my daughter her space now. Sofia graduated from Grinnell College (very small, very good liberal arts college in Grinnell, Iowa) on the 19th. What started out to be a rainy dreary day, turned beautiful. The clouds parted, and the sun came out just as the ceremonies were about to start. Which was a good thing, as they kept them outside, and it lasted over 2 hours. Going to a small college means that every graduate gets called up by name (as opposed to my alma mater, the University of Michigan where they call out for all of the liberal arts students to stand up and thousands do so). Hard to believe that she is over with this part of her life. We get her back home, at least for awhile as she enters grad school. The main speaker at the graduation was Judith Butler, a feminist and anit-war activist from Berkley. Let me just say, that if either of my kids had turned in a paper as poorly written as her speech, it would have been given back to them. It was very depressing, delivered in a monotone, and I lost count of how many words she added “-able” to the end of. The day was saved by the honorary degrees, the best being a reporter for the Des Moines register, Rekha Basu. Her words were relevant, poignant, and eloquently delivered. She is now a syndicated colomnist, and I need to read her work.

This is the link to an edited version of her speech.

Here are the Serendipity socks also. They actually fit nicely. I don’t usually like the short row heel, as I have a high instep. Probably the lace is helping.