I’m tired 

I have not even had a chance to catch my breath in the past month, let alone write much on this blog, or worse yet—no knitting time.  We went through 2 graduations, a graduation party (with 3 out-of-town guests who saved the day in preparations, especially my long-time dear friend Judy—thanks a million), and now I am preparing our house for a local house-walk featuring small scale houses designed well.  (www.southeaststyle.net).

The last of the contractors left yesterday, and my neighbor and good friend, I mean great friend, Theresa has been helping me to clean.  In preparation for the walk, we replicated the dining room paneling, columns between the living room and dining room, and the lights on top of them.  It is absolutely stunning.  The room looks like a picture in a magazine.  This was a project that I had long dreamed about, the original columns had been put in the attic, and I would bring them down periodically to set them in place and dream.  Without the walk as an inspiration, I would not have done this for awhile.  Now I just have to pay for it….

Oh, and did I forget to mention that my daughter took the basement bedroom where I had most of my clothes, and all of my knitting books, and a lot of knitting projects.  We had to move them all up to her old bedroom.  Both she and my husband were shocked by the amount of knitting books that I had.  I had to admit that I was too.  Perhaps I need to cull some of the lesser quality titles.  We’ll see.

I did finish the STR socks that I was working on,  I will post a photo when I have a chance.

And did I mention that my mother turns 80 next week and we are going to Michigan for a surprise party.  I am looking forward to July and just resting for the rest of the summer.