Ode to Abner

last Thursday I wrote that Abner was at the Vets. I got a call in the late afternoon that he had multiple issues, from dehydrated and anemic to heart murmur, liver failure, some issue with his pancreas, and others that I cannot remember. We decided that it was not appropriate to seek further treatment (he would have had to go to a specialist for an operation to determine what was wrong, and then not sure if he would even survive the operation with his heart issues). Dan and I decided to have him put to sleep. He seemed to be suffering. Ethan would not go with us, but to my surprise, Sofia did. We said goodbye to him, and couldn’t even get a purr out of him. He looked so beaten down and thin. Not the way he should have to go.

Here’s my tribute to Abner, the kitten I brought home from the farmer’s market. The cat who followed the kids from neighbors house to neighbors house when they were little and playing, he would just place himself on the couch and wait with the kids. The cat who brought home a mouse for Misha the kitten to learn with and was then stolen by Lloyd (and rescued by Dan). The cat who put up with Lloyd for a full year, letting him chase him and be a puppy, then set him straight. The cat who woke us up in the middle of the night to eat by coming on our bed and purring in our ear. He had his crankly moments, but I really miss him, and I think that Lloyd does also.

And to the cat that took care of Ethan when he was sick and not feeling well.