Cleopatra is finished

I finally finished Cleopatra’s socks!!! I felt like it took me 2 months do knit them up. Was it that my life has been so hectic lately, or was it because I had so many problems with the pattern, and the way that it was written?  I did discover a couple of new techniques that I had not used before, in particular the way that the instep was created. One of my problems with the toe-up sock is that the instep is usually very tight and it is difficult to extend it. I also like the structure of a top-down instep, it feels very tailored. This sock gave that feeling. I did have trouble with the left leaning lace section. No matter what I did, it was always noticeably looser than the right-leaning one. I finally came upon the solution. I the traveling stitch and the K2tbl, but did not do the yarn over. On the next row, I picked up the loose yarn between where the YO was suppose to be and created it just prior to using it. This allowed for a tighter cinch than I was able to get otherwise.

Then the cuff…. The first problem is in the instructions, no photo and very obtuse directions. I do not understand why this could not have been charted also. Thank goodness for Ravelry where I could see what the back of the sock looked like. If you followed the instructions and not the photo, you would have ended up with a very short sock. Up to the point of the twisted rib cable for the cuff, the sock was fitting very nice. The instructions stated that if you wanted a loose cuff to go up a size, and since it was fitting well, I stayed with the same size needle. I finished off with a tubular cast-off to give lots of stretch. And, the cuff is way too tight. I have to pull to get them over my heel. I did knit the second sock before casting off the first, and was able to use almost every inch of yarn. I am not sure that I want to rip back and redo the cuff, I think that I will just find a recipient with thin ankles.

Not a pattern that I would recommend or knit again.