A knitting Closer

My 18 year old son eplained to me the other day the importance of a Closer in baseball, and their special skills. They do not have much stamina for the long haul of an entire game, but are accurate and quick to throw good pitches and finish up the game. Too many pitches and they loose their skills and get tired. Well, I decided that would be the perfect thing for me with my knitting projects. I really can handle the long haul and work very quickly and diligently to knit up a project. I just get tired at the end and need someone who is good with detail and accurate to do the last inning of my sweater. My knitting Closer. And I would pay dearly for it. It would mean that I had “won” my project, in that it would be finished and either used or given away rather than languishing in my knitting drawer (well drawers actually as there are many), waiting for the special person to finish it up.

These Selbu mittens sat with only the thumbs to finish up since last winter. It was a bit embarrassing to myself that it took all of about an hour to finish them up and they were done. If I had had that Closer I would have been able to give them to my daughter to keep her mitts warm all the last cold winter in Iowa. Now, they will sit and wait to give her for Xmas to keep her hands warm on the El in Chicago.

Notice how the thumb flows neatly on the backside from the palm up in the same pattern, while the public side of the thumb is decorative. These knit up very nicely with Debbie Bliss’ Cashmerino. They are so soft to put on and very warm. I want to make myself a pair, but I will need to use a man’s size pattern as I have very large hands. Even larger than my husband’s. At our wedding, I had to tell the minister that the large ring was mine (no joke)!