Just when I thought I was caught up…

Just when I thought I was caught up, in the mail arrives a new package from STR. I suspect I was one of a few not looking to have this yet. I started working on the Lenore socks from last November. While the pattern is simplistic, I am finding that I like it, and I like the color. The irony is that that shipment totally turned me off to the sock club and the projects. Just goes to show that you can’t judge a sock by it’s pattern leaflet. When I went on Ravelry to look at the Lenore sock, I found that those pictures were much better than what was on the pattern, and the color was more intriguing. So, I am on my way on the first sock, and it is going nicely. I think that I might save it for travel and the more mindless times.

The package that arrived yesterday contained a wonderfully colored palate of light brights. They called it pastel, but I am not sure that I agree. I think that this may be a yarn that I like in the hank better than knit up. it seems that they sometimes loose the look that I love when knitted up. We also got 2 patterns, one a more complicated one, with this shipment. I think that I will knit up the more complex one with this yarn. but I will use the easier pattern to make a pair of socks for my daughter. She does not like socks coming up high on her legs, so that might be perfect for her.

I have been playing with how to best photograph my projects and yarn. When I zoom in on the items, I seem to loose detail, it is much better when I simply bring the lens closer. I have also discovered that all of my yarn and projects seem to look the best when photographed on the grass outside. I don’t get the reflection that I get off of wood inside, and have the beauty of the natural light. The color seem more accurate and saturated.