After all these years

I finally finished a beautiful baby Dale pullover that I actually knit up years ago. I can’t even remember when I started it, I did all of the knitting and then put it into the steek pile. Last winter, when I realized that I had knit an entire back to a sweater at the wrong gauge (and since it was 3 yarns stranded and changed every 6 rows, it would not unwind), I set down to steek 3 different sweaters. Now I am finally getting around to sewing them up. I am just trying to finish up a few things to clear my plate for the Ravelympics.

For this pattern, I modified the body, as my gauge in length did not match the pattern. No big deal. I also put a large expanse of stockinette in pink on the sleeves (the pattern showed them matching the body). I think that this helped to show off the body of the sweater better. When I was sewing it up, the one change that I would have made is at the bottom of the sleeves and sweater. For some reason, the Dale pattern had you carrying 3 yarns in stead of 2 at a time for about 8 rows. That was okay, but then the facing was designed to go over that area. It is a bit bulky. If I were to knit another one, I would put an expanse of stockinette to have the facing sew onto. But, since there are so many beautiful baby Dale sweaters to knit, I probably won’t repeat this one.

I fell in love with this pattern when I saw it, and obviously had no specific recipient in mind. Now it is sitting in my give-away pile waiting for a baby girl born to parents who would appreciate my efforts. I have given sweaters to all of my siblings when they had a baby, and not always gotten even a thank-you. One commented to his wife that I probably only spent a week on the sweater. My sister-in-law thanked my husband, not me. I was unaware that he knew how to knit. Some of my best received gifts have been to friends and not family. I will say that my mom, sisters Janice, Jill and Diane are the most wonderful to knit for. Jill and Janice still have (and wear) a sweater each that I gave them over 20 years ago. That is truly appreciation.