Remembering Marilyn

I went to the Stitches Midwest market on Friday. I was rewarding myself for finishing all of the knitting on the Polar Bear sweater. I just have the sleeves to set in now. I will post the finished project either later today or tomorrow.

While cruising through the market, taking a first pass just looking in general, but not really stopping to delve in, I saw a booth with 2 ladies, and it said that they were from Grand Ledge, Michigan. I went to Grand Ledge High School, having grown up on a farm only a few miles from there. As I was going through again, I decided to stop and say hi, mention that I has gone to the HS. Turns out, Carol, one of the proprietors, was 3 years ahead of me, and her brother was in my class—couldn’t remember him though. She asked what my maiden name was, and I said Figg–still is. (I am, to my surprise, the only one of my sister’s to have kept my name, but that is another story). Carol said that she had gone to school with Marilyn Figg. I must have gone white at that moment. I told her that Marilyn was my sister. She died way too early at age 21 from Ovarian cancer. I could not believe that first, there was this connection, and second that I met someone who still remembered my sister. She had so little time to make her way in this world, that I thought only our family was keeping her memory alive. Carol mentioned that they just had their 35th reunion, and Marilyn was on the Memorial page. She remembered Marilyn’s beautiful long dark hair, how she was tall and quiet, and nice. Carol sold rovings (can’t spin yet) and sock yarns. I decided to make a pair of socks for my mother from yarn made by a person who still remembered Marilyn. However, I could not really remember her favorite colors. I tried to call one of my sisters,and couldn’t get through. She later said yellow. But at the time, Carol said that Marilyn was a winter color, and the socks should be in her color range. Here is the yarn that I picked out.

I am constantly amazed at the people that I meet through my knitting, and the stories they have. My chance encounter with Carol was like a hello from my sister. I think that I might have found a new friend. I emailed her that night to get the reunion page info from their class, and got the most wonderful, thoughtful response back this morning. I sent it all along to my family to share. Carol’s website is and there she lists all of the fairs that they will be at.

Stash from yesterday for another time….