Olympics to DNR

I have been glued to the TV for the past 2 weeks. First the Olympics, now the Democratic National convention. I have never really watched it before, but I am so much more engaged in this election than any previously. I made my son watch with me last night as Bill Clinton, John Kerry and Joe Biden all gave riveting speeches. I tried to explain to him how pivotal of a moment this is in our country. When I was a child, blacks were lynched still, and a woman with a chance of being president was merely a dream.

I started my Vivian Hoxbro Wing Shawl 3 on Monday, and it has been good TV knitting. It has taken me quite awhile to get into the rhythm of the pattern, as you have to adjust the pattern over from the backside. This is a large shawl, using shadow knitting. I bought the kit at Stitches Midwest Market last Friday. The yarn is a Harrisville Tweed 2-ply. It is a bit rough, and breaks with a minimal amount of force. Very similar to the yarn kitted up for Hanne Falkenberg and the Poetry in Stitches kits. Not my favorite, hopefully will soften with washings. And there will be NO finishing at the end! Haven’t had a ton of time to commit to it, but I wanted to get the pattern underway prior to leaving to take my son to college. Good travel knitting, and resting this weekend.