Kittens and shawls

I have been working on my Vivian Hoxbro shawl.  It is really a mindless knitting project, something I told myself I should not be doing anymore.  However, I have decided that I do love a bit of mindless, or Zen activity from time to time.  This is actually the perfect project after the Polar Bear sweater.  It is really quite a lot of knitting, and the photos do not really show the shadow knitting yet. I am warming up to this yarn, and consider it a step above the Hanne Falkenburg.  And it is made in the USA!  I might re-knit the butterfly with this yarn at a future date.

Here are the photos of the brother/sister duo that we adopted last week.  I think that we just have dumb luck with pets, or they pick us in advance and tell us where to go.  I answered 4 posts on Craig’s List, and this was the first response back.  Afterwards, Sofia and I were wondering what we would have done if they were ugly or unfriendly.  They are so incredibly cute and they adjusted to our house from the moment we got home.  They are now sleeping on the bed next to Lloyd.  He is trying to act more like a cat these days to get attention.  It is so fun to have them around.  Notice the paws on the girl, she has an extra toe on each foot.  It looks like she is wearing mittens.