Knitting in the age of Obama 

Well, I am obsessed with this election and have been following it on Ravelry.  Thanks fellow knitters for always being the best and most current information.  I beat my daughters social website every time for the newest political blog or video.  Knitting in the age of Obama means not really getting that much done (at least nothing that requires concentration), and certainly not blogging.  There is just too much to see and watch.  Youtube and the Huffington Post have been my saviors as the “Left-wing media” (where did that come from?) fails to report unbiased time and again.    Try to do Fair Isle when Sarah Palin is speaking her verbal nonsense.  Good way to ruin a sweater.   I am so heartened to see the polls showing Obama ahead by a strong lead.  He is a good, decent man.  As my mother says (only a recent convert):  “He is a gentleman”.  Time to bring some civility back into the White House.  I want to be part of a country that the world respects, not one whose reputation is so damaged.

So, my political knitting has been a Vivan Hoxboro shawl, mainly garter stitch.  It requires minimal concentration, just enough to distract me from winks and wrinkled noses.  I am about 3/4 done.  It is really a tremndous amount of knitting.  I hope to finish it before next Thursday when I have to head out to California to be with my sister while she has surgery.  She asked me to bring out some supplies and get her knitting again.  I think that we will be sitting around knitting, watching the political pundits (haven’t they been great this year?!!!—Tina Fey I love you!), and eating some good healthy California organic vegetables.  I told her that I always think of knitting as a solution to everyone’s problems.  If they don’t want to, or can’t knit, then a gift of knitting always brings a warm smile.

Watching the debates again this evening.  Have to keep myself from throwing anything at the TV.