Obama shawl

I finished my mega shawl, affectionately called the Obama shawl, a couple of weeks before the election.  This project was mindless enough that Sarah Palin could not induce many knitting errors into it, and I could have something to occupy my hands without requiring my mind to focus.  I was so nervous that our country would be stupid enough to elect McCain after 8 years of Bush torture.  This shawl is actually very nice to wear around the house, and in more moderate weather.  It is so big that it does not work well with winter coats however.  It is deceiving how much knitting actually went into this.  I had made myself a promise to knit only challenging projects, but I have reneged that.  I think that there is definitely a time and place for easy mindless projects, and I really enjoy them at the right moment.



After I finished this shawl, I had to move my knitting books for the 2nd time in 3 months.  And to my surprise, I found the book Shadow Knitting by Vivian Hoxbro in my collection, and this shawl was in the book.  I think that I might have too many books, I kind of don’t really want to have people see how many I have.

Our stupid Governor, whom I can proudly say I never voted for, has been indicted by the Feds.  It is making national news for the audacity of the level of corruption.  Thank goodness this happened after the presidential election or they would have tried to tie Obama to his corruption.  I have been watching Governor Rod for years wondering when they were going to reel him in.  I guess that selling a US Senate seat for 1M tipped the scales.  What an ass.