Blog readers

People other than Manning actually read my blog.  The concept still amazes me, and I got my biggest surprise the other day when Vivian Hoxbro posted on this site that she was honored that I named my wing shawl the “Obama Shawl”.  When I look at the stats (which took me quite awhile to figure out), it is fun to see where the links come from.  Mostly Ravelry and a link on a crafts website to my Fair Isle sweaters (an honor that I am totally floored by).

Ravelry has been fun too, seeing what sweaters get the greatest hits.  Surprisingly enough, it is not always the sweaters that I think were the most creative, or took the most time.  Currently it is the Ballerina by Hanne Falkenberg at 845 hits.


It has been cold, so I have been pulling out sweaters to wear around the house, and trying to use a different one every day.  My favorite house wearing sweater is one that I finished last year, but during my non-posting phase.  It is a cable sweater from a pattern from Knitters magazine (9-Lane Interchange by Uschi Nolte).  I have since canceled my subscription, as there was very little content that interested my, but I have 2 sweaters that I love from there.  Seems like the patterns have been “dumbed down” in recent years.  On this one, I love how the cables intersect, and the texture.  Surprisingly enough, this pattern is not in the Raverly database, and my adding it would take some thought, not sure how to do that.  It is warm because of the bulky cables.  My mistake on this was in the weaving in of ends.  Because it is reverse stockinette stitch, and the yarn is tubular, the duplicate weave in stitches how on the right side of the garment.  I don’t think that I can really fix this, as it is already finished.

dscn3099This photo of the whole sweater is not as good, I will update it when I get a new one taken: