Computer problems

My computer has been on the fritz the past few days, and so I have not posted.  Right now I am using my son’s computer, but do not have access to any of my photos that I wanted to post, so I will talk about knitting more later.  Thank goodness that the computer glitch happened while Ethan was home for vacation.  He had my computer all disassembled, and laying on the floor this evening.  He was able to save all of my recent photos and data to an external hard drive, then reload the operating system.  I wish that I could use an Apple (typing on my  son’s Apple laptop right now), it is very user friendly and both of my kids have had good luck with this.  Alas, I need to be able to run AutoCad, and they do not support the system on a Mac.  Not sure what to purchase, but I think that I should do it soon.

Had Stitch n Bitch meeting tonite.  More people came than have in quite awhile.  I agreed to be the group leader (no one was stepping up to the plate), no kids at home, and Dan is out about 2 Mondays a month anyways.  There were no objections when I volunteered, but no hoorays either.  I’ll take that as indifference.  Basically it only involves reminding people with an email of the meeting, and being there as much as possible.  

Moved some of my yarn yesterday as we were rearranging the basement.  I am trying desperately to gather it all in one place.  That in itself is a bit scary. I have a lot of projects on the docket.  Need to keep focused and finish them even after I get bored.  I really like the intricate challenges, particularly of Fair Isle, but the sewing, and even wearing are not so exciting for me.  I have enough to keep me busy for quite some time.  The problem is that they keep introducing the most adorable new designs.  I must just stay away from stores, but Ravelry is in some ways even more dangerous.  I need some self control.