Vengeful knitting 

I have been working on a pair of Fair Isle mittens since 5:30 on Monday.  I showed them at about 7:00 at SnB and got the “snarky” (word courtesy of my daughter’s friend) comment about how I should have that finished by that night.  Well, I am so tired of nasty comments related to my knitting speed (revolving around jealousy I am sure) that I stayed up late trying to finish the first mitten that evening.  I did not finish it until 7 p.m. the next night (take out a 2 hour nap as I was under the weather) the first mitten.  I still consider that knitting one mitten in a day.  In my haste to knit in a vengeful manner, I neglected to look at the yarn colors, and realize that I had been using an off-white not pure white.  So, the last inch is not correct, and I will have to take that back out.  I am well on my way on the second mitten, and really enjoying the pattern in spite of the need to prove myself (I plan on wearing them next Monday!!!!!).  This pattern is from the recent Vogue knitting magazine, a mitten pattern aptly called “Let it Snow”.   I decided to use Baby Ull by Dale of Norway.  They are incredibly soft, and will be machine washable.  These mittens are for me.  I have not knitted myself a pair of mittens in ages.




This is our Christmas tree.  We did not put the usual ornaments on, as we were afraid that Louie (one of the new kittens) would destroy them.  Instead, I bought 80 unbreakable stars, and Sofia and Ethan made 90 paper origami cranes to place with them.  Ethan is our oragami expert, but he taught Sofia, and she made 80 in 2 days!  I think that the tree really looks special, and I am so pleased with the outcome.



An annual xmas tradition is our cookie making extravaganza.  Sofia and I make several types each year, and the new favorite Chocolate buttermilk cookie with peppermint frosting, and candy canes crushed on top.  We always give several plates a year away to friends and family.





This is my first post using my brand new Macbook computer.  Ethan has been a godsend in setting it up, and so far, so good, even my AutoCad program is working fine.  Just have to get used to it, only took me 8 years to figure out everything on my old computer!  Thank goodness for having a young techno-geek son.