The pitfalls of stash knitting 

I finally finished my “Let it Snow mittens”, actually called Snowbirds in the Vogue Fall 2008 issue.  They are very pretty and warm.  I spoke earlier about using white Baby Ull instead of the natural that I should have, and had to rip back the top of one mitten.  I have now discovered that I also used Baby Cashmerino for the main body of the first mitten.  I was so anxious to start these, that I just gathered what I thought were partial skeins of the same yarn (both color and type).  The Cashmerino I should have caught, as it is a tubular yarn instead of the plied yarn that Baby Dale is.  Well, the mittens are staying as is, if you look closely you could see a difference in the yarn on the left mitt.  The real difference came when I just washed them in preparation for blocking.  The Mitten with the Cashmerino was much heavier and more stable in the wash water.  It will be interesting to see how they block out and wear.  I am not taking them out again, that is an exercise that I repeated too many times for this little pair of mittens.  The other noticeable thing was the slight change in dye lots on the Natural Baby Ull.  Just lessons to heed as I prepare for my year of stash knitting.

dscn1037    dscn1043


















The mittens are beautiful on the inside also…


Now, I want to make a second pair from the same magazine:  Potpourri by Tanis Gray.  I am going to try and use some of the many colors of Koigu that I have in reserve.  I am not able to find a natural color in the Koigu, so I think that I will use a grey-purple as my base.  This will give the mittens a very different feel.  I think that this merits a swatch test.

dscn1049    dscn1051