Stranded mittens 

I just finished, and blocked out the Potpourri mittens, from the Fall 2008 Vogue magazine.  I plan on giving these to my mother, along with a hat if I can finish that in short order.  I was less than enthralled with these mittens.  If I am going to take the time to do another pair of stranded mittens I am either going to go to my Selbuvotter book, or the Magnificent Mittens by Anna Zillbourg.  Those patterns are much more thought out in my opinion.  I had looked online to see comments on Ravelry about these mittens priior to starting, and should have taken heed about the thumb being a bit wider than I would like.  I made them out of Koigu, part of my knitting from stash 2009 mantra.  (Can I really keep this?).  The look is very different from the photo in the magazine, as that was baby blue/white and orange.  Using the Koigu, however, gave me the same solid variegation that is so appealing.  I think that I want to try some of this yarn with other mitten patters.  It just adds another layer of interest.

I am including 3 different photos of these mittens.  It is amazing how much the background changes the color of the mittens.  The main body is really green with dark purple (as shown on the cherry table).  I was not able to get a close-up of the mittens, my camera skills seem to be lacking for this thing.  The thumb pattern does transition nicely from the main body, and in the photos you can hardly notice that one thumb is up and one is down.  




Speaking of knitting from stash, when I mentioned to my sister (who has just rediscovered knitting after many years) that I was going to not purchase yarn for this entire year, her question was why?  When I said that I had enough yarn to do me just fine, she was a bit surprised.  She obviously hasn’t heard about stash.  She also is a much more pragmatic person than I, moves more frequently, and is more frugal.  I suspect that she will be one of those persons who only buys for the next project.  I used to be like that, not sure how exactly I fell off the wagon.  I think that Stitches did a lot for that, having friends at yarn stores that are like drug dealers, and the internet and the exposure to so much more out there that I want to make.  I think that keeping sock yarn, baby yarn, and mitten type yarn in abundance is a fine thing, but sweater kits and yarn packets is too much.

Let’s see how long I can hold out…