17 below socks 

I woke up this morning to 17 degrees below 0 outside air temerature.   We left the heat turned up overnight, and normally only keep it set to 66 during the day.  So, most of the house was warm enough, but the floor and basements were colder.  I do not usually wear my knitted wool socks every day, as I am not always that cold.  This winter seems to be proving to be an exception. So, I have been going through the knitted socks in my drawer at a very quick pace, as has the rest of my family.  I need to wash them all this morning, so that we are covered for the weekend.  I was down to my last pair in the drawer, the ones that I do not wear on a regular basis.  Not because of any flaw in design or style, but because I consider them my “show socks” and pull them out only occasionally.  

When I took my first sock knitting class, I was so excited to be making socks.  Imagine my disappointment when we made only boring plain ribbed socks.  I was so energized to finish socks right away, but the class was 4 weeks long:  casting on and ribbing, turning the heel, the toe decreases, and kirchner stitch for the toes to finish.  I had 4 pairs of socks going for just that one class since I needed something to work on constantly.  I only purchased one pair of knitting needles, and had to keep transferring socks to holders as we learned each new step.  These were the socks that I had imagined making, and did finally about a year later.  They were a bit of work, as I am not a huge fan of the diagonal knitting that was required to do the entrelac dscn1095cuff.  I used 5 colors for each sock, and made the fair isle portions entirely different.  So they match in a way, but the patterns and color arrangements are unique to each sock.  These were made with Dale of Norway Falk yarn, so they do not have that little bit of nylon for wear and stability.  They are, however, very warm, albeit a bit thick for shoes.  They do work perfectly in this weather in the house with slippers and inside my Uggs outside.  I fear wearing them out for all of the work that they involved, so I only save them for “special” occasions.  Not to mention that they require hand washing, and not just the gentle cycle on the machine.