Potpourri hat and mittens 

I just sent off the Potpourri mittens and a matching hat using the same motifs, to my mother.  She normally spends her winters in Florida, but is stuck in cold Michigan right now.  I hope that these keep her warm.  My daughter is the model, she is much more photogenic than I.  I used the Koigu KKPM which is one of my favorite sock yarns, and it naturally transfers nicely to mittens and hats.  I think that I might try some of the Selvobutter mittens with the Koigu solid.  That would give a nice twist to the pattern.  

I would not knit up this pattern again.  It has some inherent problems, and there are way too many really cool patterns out there to waste time and yarn unless it is stunning.  The mittens are warm though, and the yarn is so soft.  Now on to new mittens, started the Green Autumn and the Yellow Harvest both from Vogue Knitting Fall 2008.  I was a bit upset by the chart for the Yellow Harvest not actually being in the magazine itself,  you have to go online to get it.  This became apparent as I was trying to work the mitten in the car on the way to take my son to college.  I have it on my computer now, so hopefully I can work it up a bit during this trip.