Pink mittens

These mittens were made using the pattern Yellow Harvest from Vogue Knitting Fall 2008.  I was not initially drawn to these mittens, but went to them after finishing 2 other pair from the same magazine, and working on a third other.  I made them with Manos del Urguay, the yarn used for the sample in the magazine.  I had to use size 8 double points, and I am the girl who just loves 1’s and 0’s.  A size 3 seems big to me lately.  I had my doubts about how warm these would be given the large guage and bulky yarn.  But, they seem to be nice, and are sitting waiting to give to a dear friend for her birthday.


I took the yarn, nicely wound up, 2 needle sizes to check guage, and the magazine with me when we took my son back to college, and thought that I would get these completely finished in that trip.  Well, I checked guage, cast on, did the first part, and then went to look for the chart.   There was a very small note that said to see page 116, where they instructed you to either look online for the chart, or send a stamped addressed envelope envelope to the magazine.  When I did go online, there are several patterns from each issue that require charts not included in the magazine proper.  Very disappointing, and what is one to do in a few years when those charts are no longer available.  The stated  rational is to keep the pages in the magazine down.  I don’t buy it… if you purchase a magazine of patterns, everything that you need for those patterns should be included.  I had been reconsidering not letting my Vogue subscription expire, then this happened.  And 2 days later I recieved the winter issue, which was very disappointing.  I think that I am going to go back to purchasing magazines only when something really interests me, and just using books and purchased patterns.  I love the website Twist Collective, and that will be a new source of ideas for me.  That way, I purchase only what I am really interested in.

Oh, and I used up another skein of stash with this project!  It also got me interested in going back to work on a Manos sweater that has yarn sitting waiting for it.  It would be a very quick knit up.