Smitten with Mittens

Smitten with mittens.  

When I thought of that title I was so impressed with myself, that is until I realized that it was the title of the Vogue Knitting Fall 2008 magazine, where I have gotten my past few mitten projects from.  I already blogged about the Yellow Harvest and the Snowbird (Let it Snow) mittens that I have made from that particular magazine issue.  When I originally started looking at this magazine I questioned my decision to stop the subscription.  Let’s just say, that the next issue firmed my resolve.  

I am currently working on 2 different pair of mittens, the Green Autumn from the above magazine and the Chrysanthemum pattern available as a free download on Ravelry from Mary Ann Stephans of

I have not gotten very far on the Green Autumn mittens.  I am using Softie from Kimmet Croft Fibres.  I bought this a few years back, thinking that I was short on the natural for the Bohus mittens I was making for my daughter.  Never mind that they sent me an angora/Merino blend instead of the Shetland.  But it was a good mistake, as I knit up these mittens with this yarn.  I haven’t gotten to the main body, I need to take the pattern to the library and enlarge the chart.  My eyes are not what they used to be.  These I am definitely going to keep for myself.  I like the pattern repeat also, it will easily allow me to make these mittens large enough for my big paws.


The other mittens which I have been working on the past couple of days, are the Chrysanthemum mittens.  I was looking at other patterns by Mary Ann for mittens, as that is my obsession of the month (could it have anything to do with the bitter cold winter that we have had this year?).  This pattern was a free download from her website, and she used Dale of Norway Heilo or Falk yarn for the project.  I had originally ordered all of my Heilo for the Polar Bear sweater from MaryAnn, and not wanting to run out while on vacation, got a couple of extra balls.  So, I had just enough of 3 colors to make these mittens, and they will coordinate perfectly with my Polar bear sweater.  Incidentally, I wore that sweater inside twice in the past 2 weeks thanks to the bitter cold, but it is one heavy pullover, and most likely will be an outside moderate winter temp sweater—so these mittens with it would be so cute to wear with it.  I am not sure however if they will fit my big hands.


I used a size 1 for the cuff (pattern calls for a size 2 for the whole mitten), and a size 2 1/2 needle for the main body of the mitten.  Anything larger than a 1 for the cuff made them huge.  On the second mitten I learned to make a bobbin for one of the colors in the braid (in this case I used blue since it was being broken off after the braid anyway).  That made it so much easier to do the braid, and not have this tangled mess of yarn.  I seem to remember doing this with a class on Estonian knitting with Nancy Bush years ago.  Like their sister sweater, these are very heavy mittens.  

I have gotten a lot done on these as I watch the historic proceedings on TV to impeach our ass of a Governor.  It will be good to have him gone, especially to not have to see his Elvis hairdo any more.  I cannot figure out who voted for this idiot one time let alone 2.  I should name these mittens Elvis in his honor…