Elvis Mittens

I finished my Dale of Norway mittens last night.  I named them Elvis mittens as I did most of the work while watching the closing arguments, statements and votes to impeach former Governor Rod Blago.  Rod is a great fan of Elvis, and since I did not want to name these after Rod, thought that might be a good second choice.  Rod’s hair style also evokes some bad Elvis.  Thank goodness he is out of office.


These mittens are too small for my hands.  The pattern called for sizes 2 and 4.  I used 1 and 2 1/2.  I was getting gauge, and the width is not really an issue, but the length most certainly is.  I kind of knew that they would not fit me from the get-go, as the size was a medium women’s.  I always have to ask for the largest women’s gloves that they make at the department stores.  I did do 1/2″ of plain stockinette stitch prior to starting the pattern.  I originally tried the cuff with size 2 needles, and was not happy with how wide it was.  Normally, I knit Dale of Norway sweaters with sizes 2 and 3, so I wanted the fabric to be more dense for the mittens.  I like the pattern, but probably wouldn’t make them again, as they don’t work for my hands.

Now, what to make next…  I have some variegated sock yarn that I am thinking might work well for stranded mittens, along with a skein of plain.