Practical knitting

I have not been working on anything new lately.  Just trying to finish up the Cables Sweater (just one sleeve left!!!).  After I sent out the packages of socks, I got beautiful notes back in thanks.  That was as much fun as sending out the packages.  However, no good deed goes unpunished so they say, and the sock mailing led to 2 requests for socks that I could not say no to.  They are both for men, and so I am knitting up a couple pair of very functional, yet boring (let me say Zen) socks.  My husband also asked for a hat, and I made him a pair of fingerless mittens to wear when he works from home.  This is a new concept for him, and he is used to a heated office, not the 66 degrees that we have in our house.


I did use Baby Cashmerino though, and they are so soft to the touch, which is exactly what you want while typing away.  The hat that I made for him was with Lornas Laces worsted weight sock yarn.  Not that exciting.  I decided to make the top decreases in a swirl pattern just for something different.  Well, my husband loves to pull his hat up off his head, not wear it down snug, and it looks like a nipple on the top of his head.  Whenever I see him with the hat I have to yell “nipple” and he pulls it down.  I think that I want to make him a stranded Dale of Norway hat.  The other was a quick and easy project to get him through this cold spell.   

My husband is out of town taking care of his mother, and I am here alone, bored, and unmotivated.  There is a sale at the yarn shop Knitting Workshop in Chicago that I am going to head over to.  I need a daytime knitting buddy, as I have nobody to go out with on a regular basis.  I am going to stop at another shop that I have never been to along the way, Nina.  That shop looks so beautiful in the photos, with a very Zen like, modern aesthetic.  I should not be purchasing any yarn, but if I could find a great pattern for a stranded Alice Starmore, I would purchase Jamesion yarn at the Knitting Workshop for that.