Well,  I have been working on the front of my Forget me Not sweater.  I look back at posts, and most of them relating to this sweater are frustration related to my own knitting snafus or not reading directions thoroughly.   The directions are a bit difficult to follow, as the author is Chinese, and the translations are not as clear as should be.   I do love the yarn, and am even getting into the rhythm of following the fair isle pattern on the purl side.  My problem is that the colors are not really the same as the model, and they tend to disappear in the pattern, then reappear again.  Will I like this as a finished project?  I am not sure.  When the colorways come close to matching, it is very difficult to work the pattern, especially on the reverse side.  I emailed the owner of Jojoland, and inquired whether I recieved an incorrect ball for the color work.  The roses are suppose to be red and purple, and instead follow through the enitre rainbow.  This in itself is beautiful, but not when trying to do the pattern.  Her response was that I should break the yarn and change the background/foreground colors.  No offer of extra yarn to do this….  this makes me want to put this away and not finish it at this point in time.  I don’t like the frustration.  Here is the photo of the front so far: