Simple Knitting

I finished a pair of simple ribbed socks for a man, and dropped them off all wrapped up at my friends house last week.  The socks are a classic ribbed pattern, made with Happy Feet sock yarn by Plymouth.  The yarn was fine enough, but I am not overly enamored with it.  I have 2 more skeins for another pair of socks, and I don’t think that it is a yarn that I would purchase again.   I love dropping off knitted gifts that nobody is expecting.  Especially when it does not occur with a birthday or any other occasion.  And, for many reasons, socks are my favorite gift to knit.  It is so much easier to figure out the size, no finishing work when the knitting is done, and they are quick and portable, and universally loved.   Plus, not everyone makes socks, so they are a unique gift.  This color might seem a bit wild for a man, but I think that he can handle it, and they got the seal of approval from my husband.  And a day later, I got a wonderful phone message, I think that they were well received.


So, now I am working on a pair of socks that my mother asked me to make for her partner.  When I am done with those, I am not taking on anymore “Knitting on Request”.  I have to be firm, and say that I love to knit for people, and you might be surprised one day when I make something for you.  The joy of knitting goes out when someone is expecting it, or worse yet, asking about it.  The only exception to my new rule is my immediate family.  Speaking of which, my daughter is bugging me to make a sweater that we bought the pattern for…