Babies don’t count

At least they don’t count in my not purchasing yarn this year.  My one transgression from my yarn diet for 2009 has been to purchase more Baby Ull yarn so that I can make some of the wonderful Baby Dale sweaters that I have coveted.  These are so fun to make, and they go relatively quickly.

Here are the photos of some of my new + stash Baby Ull:



Dale has changed the ball bands on the new yarn (right) versus the old (left).  I kind of like the old design better, but that shouldn’t really matter.  I am not sure if it is me or not, but the new yarn feels ever so thinner.  





I also got some new patterns from Dale.  I always have tried to purchase interesting Dale patterns when I see them, and now I am glad that I have, as many are out of print, and not a lot of new Fair Isle books are being created by them.  Some of the booklets that I have are worth a pretty penny.  I have instructed my daughter and husband to take heed that my knitting books and patterns are probably actually worth more than my vast Architecture book collection.  Seems a bit strange, but I suspect that it just has to do with the larger market for knitting out there versus beautiful Monographs of buildings.

dscn1201This one I got for free, and has lots of interesting patterns in it.










And these I bought.  I really like the ski sweaters in these 2 books.  If my polar bear sweater is any indication, these will be very heavy to wear, I guess that is why they are ski sweaters.  I also want to make a knitted stocking for Christmas this year.  This pattern came out last fall, and I just didn’t have enough time then to make one.  The photo is sideways, not sure why, as it is correct in every other location.  I have tried to fix it, but alas, my computer skills are not up to the job.