New Baby Dale sweater

I have started a new Baby Dale sweater.  I just can’t get enough of the wonderful fun patterns, the great colors, and the incredible softness of the yarn itself.  If only I had had this much time to knit when my own kids were little, how cutely they would have been dressed.  Although, it wasn’t until my son was about 8 that I discovered Dale of Norway, and took my first stranded knitting class.  I did make my kids sweaters when they were little, just never usually as intricate as this.   And my daughter…when she turned 6 announced to me that she did not like the sweaters that I made her.  I remember the last one, a beautiful pink, mint, yellow and white sweater done up in large stripes with reverse stockinette stitches to make hearts.  I loved that sweater, but knew better than to push the issue, and did not knit for her for years.  Contrast that with my son, who always loved my knitting, and even designed his own sweater at age 10 using a panel system that I had used for my husband to do a cable sweater, and perused the Barbara Walker Treasury books to pick out all of the cable patterns.  So, the sweater has a spider on the front, and the back has an hour glass, and peace signs.  We call it the “time for Peace Sweater”.  That one I have saved, and will have to find it and post photos.  My daughter has changed tunes now, and has been bugging me to make a sweater that we bough the pattern for last year.  Must get the yarn for that…

So, my newest Baby Dale sweater is the Penguin sweater.

dscn1199dscn1198  This is proving to be a very quick knit, and really cute!