Penguin happiness

The penguin sweater is finished, and he is sewn on securely to the front.

The end result is absolutely gorgeous.  I really want this sweater (sans Penguin) in Baby Dale for myself.  I think that this is the kind of sweater that would work for either a boy or a girl.  The first time that I put the eyes on, they were off to the side.  He looked like a cyclops with an eye on his cheek.  I am not sure if the body is sewn perfectly straight on the sweater, but that is easy to adjust later.  I wish that I had a toddler to model this for me.

There is a line in the turquoise yarn, just at the point where the arms attach to the body.  That is a result of using a newer yarn that did not have the same dye lot.  I should have alternated rows with the 2 skeins for a few rows, and this would have been imperceptible.  By the time I really noticed that it was going to stand out, I did not want to rip the sweater back.  I had thought that the penguin might mask this a bit.  Luckily, at the point that this shows, it almost seems planned.  I wish that there was the ability to touch and feel online, as this sweater deserves it.