Happy Bobmas!

Happy Birthday to Ravelry!  

This knitting network has been the biggest boon to my knitting, finishing up projects, getting creative new ideas, and unfortunately, adding to my stash.  Prior to Ravelry, my inspiration came from books and magazines, and whatever the local yarn shops had that looked interesting (which was proving to be less and less as my love for stranded knitting did not match up with any local stores).  It has given me friends all over the world, and made a better connection to my local knitting friends.   I am very proud when I post a new project, and check often at the beginning to see how many people have stopped by for a look.  It is also the first time that I have really categorized my knitting.  There are some long gone projects that I wish I had photographs of.   Now, before sending anything off, I document it, both here and in Ravelry.  I am celebrating the day by knitting and blogging.  I have also organized some of my knitting photos and added books and pamphlets that I have onto my Ravelry library (there are some pamphlets that I have which do not show up there yet, older baby patterns.

I am continuing on my Baby Dale sweater extravaganza.  I finished up the Ladybug hat to go with the sweater (that is still waiting for finishing and steeking).  This is too cute.  The only change that I would make is to do more straight rows after the band before inverting the hat for the top part.  The edge of the band does not seem to be settling well.  I did this on the penguin hat that I am in progress with, and I think that it will be an improvement.


Then I made the pompon for the top.  Forget all of the fancy pompom makers.  I did it just like when I was a kid.  Took some cardboard from recycling, and wound the yarn around about 100 times.  Pulled it off, tied it in the middle, and trimmed it up.  I used the ties as the anchors to attach it to the hat.  










The finished hat is just too cute!  I wish that I had a baby to model this stuff.



I have also started this sweater  (ducks).  I chose a chocolate brown instead of the taupe.  The chicks at the bottom are slightly lighter in shade than the body, due to the new color-ways from Dale.  They made the off white more of a cream color.  this is part of the problem of knitting with stash and new yarn, but I think that the separation is enough that it will not be noticeable.