Magnolias, frisbee and knitting










My magnolia tree is on the verge of another stunningly beautiful bloom.  I had hoped that the warm weather the past 3 days would be enough to allow for the annual “If it blooms” Magnolia party to be last night under the warm spring evening, with the beautiful canopy of light pink flowers above.  Alas, the blooms are on the verge, it is raining today, in a couple of days I am heading out of town.  It will be up to my daughter, the pets, and friends to enjoy the full beauty of the tree this year.  This tradition started a few years ago, when after living here and witnessing both the fleeting beauty of the blooms, and the disappointment when a late frost turns them all to withered brown blobs that simply fall off, I decided that the tree needed to be celebrated.  The party started the first year with just a couple of friends, wine and a nice evening—girls only.  It evolved to an impromptu invitation (the tree decides the date), for all on my local email list, guys included.  Hopefully some blooms will be left to enjoy when I return.  The smell is already engulfing the back yard.  Last year, when our house was on a local walk, the wife of the former governor had grown up here, and she returned to visit the house.  She told me that her dad planted that tree when she was little.  I described our magnolia parties, and told her that I would invite her to the next one.  I will just have to send out an invite to come by and see the tree on her own.

Yesterday we drove to Whitewater, Wisconsin to watch Ethan play on his ultimate frisbee team.  Unfortunatley, some of the teams that he was playing against did not show, so we saw only 1 real game.  We were slow on getting out of the house, and I regret that.  What a nice group of young men on his team.  He really enjoys it, and got to have a fabulous spring break with them on Jeckyl Island.  We have lost him for all of his spring breaks, what a great memory that he will have from college days.

I was working on my chicken sweater, and have run out of yarn for the yoke.  I thought that I had ordered 4 skeins, but can’t find the last one.  I will have to order another if my search this afternoon does not turn up anything.  It is a bummer too, as I am almost finished with the sweater, and would like to complete it.  Other than a slight color modification (from taupe to chocolate brown), I changed the sweater from a set-in sleeve to a raglan.  I like the way that a raglan fits on children better, and it requires a heck of a lot less finishing.  


I then went to work on finishing up the ear flaps on the hat to go with the penguin sweater.  Either the directions are wrong, or I misinterpreted them, but the hat would work for a cone-headed baby only.  I have to rip back the crown.  That in itself is not a bad thing, as the dye lots from my old skein of white Baby Ull, and the new one do not match at all, and I am unhappy with the line that forms.  


And here is my new next project.  A doily inspired lap blanket.  This should be a quick knit up.  I am really anxious to start it, and Webs has the yarn on sale for this project.  I will work on this when I return from CA.  The free pattern can be found at this website: