California fun

I came home last night from my visit with my sister in San Francisco.  We had a great time in a few short days.  My favorites were the simple things.  Walking in the redwood forest at Muir Glen was a definite highlight.  Wine country with the 4 of us.  The best part about the visit to wine country was sitting with a bottle of wine at a winery, in a beautiful setting next to the grape vines, eating a wonderful picnic that Jill and I had prepared (California organic produce), and everyone playing Boulle (or Bocce ball as the Italians call it).  Dan got to see 2 of his best friends from college days, and we had a wonderful brunch at Jill’s house, with friends and our cousin and family, on Sunday before leaving.


I returned home late, and Lloyd and I sat outside smelling the beautiful magnolia tree, and enjoying the last of it’s flowers for the year.  A light rain today has brought a lot of them down.  The ground is carpeted with the blossoms.  The detail photograph shows the shawl that I was working on during my trip.  It is 75% complete, and does not show well on the blossoms, but I would not resist the photo op.