Looks are important

Looks are important to me, at least in my living and working environment.  I hazard to guess that they would be considered important to most people, they just don’t always succeed in making it happen.  Take for example my neighbor across the street.  They have been trying to sell a run down 2 bedroom (no, you can’t call a converted porch on no foundation a bedroom) house for 3 years.  During the overheated market, they got greedy  and listed the house for much more than it was worth.  The price has been dropped a few times, but not enough for the fixer-upper that it is, and not really addressing why it is not selling (hint, the interior).  So, in yet another effort to sell it, they have taken an okay looking exterior of white with Swedish blue trim, and painted it flesh tone, with taupe trim, and it looks like there might be some blue accents.  My major problem is that it is directly across the street, I have to look at it out my front windows, and I am sure nobody will correct the paint job for years.  This makes 3 houses in a row that need visual rescue.

For my own house, I have added a new side table next to my favorite knitting chair.  This is an antique English sewing side table.  It sat at the antique dealers for months, as people were intrigued by it, but not sure how to use it.  Knitting of course!  It is prefect with it’s little compartments for all of the knitting tools to be stored.  And the center part holds a shawl project, or a pair of socks on the needles.  My good fortune that no other knitters saw this table while I was debating the purchase.